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Relaxation is fundamental to good health and well-being when our body is relaxed our minds will become calm and clear. In order to be healthy human beings and to function at our highest potential we need to allow our mind and body to work together in harmony. In this day and age many of us are governed by outside factors. Often our outer needs and the needs of others take priority over our internal needs. Sometimes we can get so caught up with external factors that we ignore our inner voice, the voice that tells us to step back, slow down, take a break. The pull of the mind is very dominant, and often we pay no heed to what our bodies are telling us, until we become physically or emotionally impaired. This imbalance of mind and body can lead to health problems and weaken our ability to deal with life's challenges.

These classes consist of small groups in a safe calm comfortable environment. I will talk you through a full body relaxation. Followed by a guided visualisation. Giving you the tools that you can use in between sessions to alleviate stress and induce restful sleep.

Times of Classes

Monday: 7:00pm-7:50pm.

@ Community Hub, Cwm Calon, Castle Street, Maesteg, CF34 9UN

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£6.00 per session (50 minutes).

All classes and sessions have to be pre-booked, no drop in sessions. To book or enquire please email me on or call me on 07811 494 487.