Relaxation Classes

Based on simple mindfulness techniques including observation of the breath and body scan meditation. Each session is fifty minutes long. Although mindfulness is not considered a relaxation technique, it is now commonly used as a means of stress relief. Studies have shown that when practiced on a regular basis relaxation and calmness will ensue. Evidence shows that it can also be helpful in dealing with chronic pain, illness, depression and anxiety.

Class Times

Monday 18:45 - 19:35

Tuesday 19:00 - 19:50

Wednesday 18:00 - 18:50


£6.00 per person for group session, if you book a class and need to cancel please would you pay £2.00 as a retainer.

£25.00 per person for home visit one-to-one relaxation sessions - lasts for 50 minutes.

In-house sessions can be arranged at schools for teachers or businesses for employees.


Llwynderw Avenue, Maesteg, CF34 0BX

Car Parking

Parking outside is limited due to resident parking, if possible please park in either Bridgend Road or Greenfield Street.


"Since attending Linda's retreats and classes I have been inspired to look after myself and live a healthier life."

- Jan

"My own private sanctuary - I look forward to a Tuesday evenings. The sessions have helped me greatly in the management of my anxiety."

- Jackie

"The classes are an experience that I look forward to each week. The effects last between classes and mindfulness is becoming embedded in my daily life."

- Ann

"This is the only class I have been to; I wish that it was every night. I have really felt the benefit of coming."

- Cath

"Each session is an absolute pleasure. They have really helped me to relax and reflect on the important things in life."

- Liz

"Linda's class is as good as a full night's sleep. She is absolutely fabulous."

- Christine

"I find the classes very relaxing and I am starting to put into practice what I have learned in stressful situations."

- Chris


* All prices quoted here are fully inclusive.