Building Confidence & Self Esteem
Confidence Building Bridgend
Everyone sees themselves in a different light, these opinions are central towards confidence.

Confidence can change throughout a person's lifetime, it is not static. Your own confidence and how you feel about yourself is made up from a vast range of experiences, personal relationships and events that have occurred throughout your life. A person with low self-esteem may focus on their weaknesses and errors they may have made, these will make your beliefs negative.

This course will help you challenge your negative beliefs. To build self-esteem and confidence we need to examine our beliefs and remind ourselves of our qualities. We can gently start to build our foundations again when we listen to the voice of our inner selves. Living should be an amazing, liberating and exciting. We aim to give you the tools so that everyday is another opportunity to change and think positive about who you are. It is always important to remember that 'nothing ventured, nothing gained', instead of focussing in the past we look forward to today.

Do you worry about how you appear to others? Do you think the needs of others are more important than your own? If you wish to be more self-confident and believe that low self-esteem is preventing you from making the most of your abilities then this course is for you.


Understanding self-esteem: Gain an understanding of high and low self-esteem and its short/long term impact on health and well-being.

Activities: Take part in a range of individual and group activities to explore self-esteem and to change your current thinking.

Positive thinking: In this section you will explore about your own personal rights and how to use positive thinking to increase your self-esteem.

Making lifestyle changes: Learn a range of practical methods to improve your self-esteem, this includes advice on exercise, sleep and diet.

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£140.00 (2 x 2 hour) or
£200.00 (3 x 2 hour)

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