Assertiveness Skills
Assertiveness Skills Maesteg
Being assertive is about respecting yourself and others, with this you can achieve your goals whilst also increasing your self-confidence and maintaining your rights.

Many people confuse assertiveness with aggression, assertiveness is about effective communication whilst remaining calm and putting your point of view across with reason. Aggressiveness is about bad communication and demanding you get what you want. Assertive people have a greater belief in themselves and other people around them which creates a positive mind frame. Being able to say 'no' improves efficiency, increases self-esteem, improves self-worth and help's reduce stress levels.

Improving your assertive skills can help with your work performance, people who don't feel they can voice their issues without upsetting people, may feel insecure therefore raising anxiety and stress levels. Being able to deal with conflict and negotiations in an assertive manner can improve how you interact with customers and other staff members.

Are you worried that saying 'no' will cause conflict? This assertiveness skills training is for those people who want to understand how to be more assertive in their everyday life.


Understanding Assertiveness: Gain a knowledge on the difference between passive, aggressive and assertive personalities.

Rules of Assertive Behaviour: Understanding your feelings, rights, needs & opinions, this is an essential starting point in changing to an assertive mindset.

Assertive Communication: In this section you will use a range of assertive communication techniques aimed at being more assertive and saying 'no'.

Controlling Emotions: How to react when confronted with a problem, controlling your emotions is a vital part of assertiveness.

Action Plan: On completion of the course you will be able to implemented an action plan.

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